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Thorn Electrical Distributors (Pty) Ltd was established in 2008 as an importer and dis-tributor of industrial electrical equipment.

In 2015 the company was bought by Julian Lipson with the intention of expanding the range of products carried and providing a range of products sold by the electrical wholesaling industry.

Julian is joined in the management of Thorn by George Pachai.

Together they were part of the management team at Waco Industries for 23 years. As such they have a good understanding of the workings and challenges faced by the industry. They believe that they can use this knowledge to contribute to the industry. Several new products and opportunities have been identified and are currently being developed.

As Thorn is independent, there is no conflict of interest for the company to assist other independent electrical wholesalers provide solutions to their customers.

Some of the aims of Thorn are:
1. To be aware of the challenges facing South Africa, to be BEE compliant to the maximum extent possible. 2. To offer all members of staff the opportunities to achieve their potential.
3. To bring new products and ideas to the industry.
4. To provide a friendly, efficient service to the industry.

Thorn operates from a warehouse in the light industrial suburb of Wynberg, Sandton, and is easily accessible from either the M1 or N3 highways.